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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


When Auckland International Airport announced a big profit there were immediately calls for a second airport in Auckland so that competition would drive the prices down.

But when we owned public assets what dictated prices was the democratically elected Parliament, democratically elected councils, democratically elected local-bodies, etc. In short the rule of democratic law.

But that has been replaced all over the place by the rule of the market and the rule of competition. The rule of the people via the rule of democratic law has been replaced by the rule of money. The people have been replaced by persons. The many have been replaced by the few. For the benefit of the few.

When the publicly-owned electricity industry was hocked off we were promised benefits. Remember Max Bradford, the smooth-talking frontman for all that? The handsome MP from Rotorua and his blandishments.

He lied, of course, because look at what we got. Electricity prices have doubled in the last ten years. And we have seen the spot market soar so high that 'over the top' gasped and died of shock.