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Wednesday, 22 April 2015


What John Key did to that waitress is a crime. It is common assault under both the Summary Offences Act 1981 and the Crimes Act 1961. So lying prat's true nature has been revealed. By him. He is a thug: a thug against the truth, a thug against what Churchill called 'the folk who toil and moil', a thug against anything and anyone that does not fit his tiny mind or his love of money or his mates who have the same characteristics.

This is yet another in the avalanche of reports and videos (this one showing him doing it in a street) in the saga of 'pin the ponytail on the JohnKey', while the PM--aka Ponytail Manipulator or Puller Man--makes an ass of himself by laughing off his assaults as just a bit of fun, despite New Zealand law classifying them all as common assault. What pulling power will he have at the polls now? And why does he always pick on females?