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Monday, 8 August 2011


Before the shallow-minded, shallow-thinking, short-sighted PCs and Greedies got control of New Zealand (and much of the Western world), every decision, public and private, was predicated on the family. Now decisions are predicated on money and jobs. When they were predicated on the family we had money and jobs. Now that they are predicated on money and jobs we do not have the family. Or money and jobs.

We moved the foundations of our society from the rock to the sand. The sand liquefied in the inevitable earthquake of reality, the earthquake of inescapable truth; the foundations have collapsed and what was built on them is falling apart.

Matter is only right only if the atoms are right. Society is only right if society in microcosm is right, and the family is to society what the atom is to matter.

Those who mocked the 'nuclear family' and set about destroying it ignored the absolute truth: without a nucleus the atom cannot exist, without a nucleus the cell cannot exist; therefore without a nucleus life cannot exist. In destroying the nucleus they destroyed the social fabric.

What we sow we reap. Now we have increasing social chaos and decay.