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Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Oh, goody, goody, goody! Shell has announced that it will be spending $200 million drilling a test-well to look for natural gas in the Great South Basin--thus prolonging our murderous addiction to messing up the planet by burning folly fuels (read 'the only planet we can live on in the entire universe').

It would be far better and infinitely wiser to spend that amount on switching the country to sustainable fuels, such as solar power and fuel-cells (batteries that run on hydrogen, made by splitting water with sunlight). We could build thousands of fuel-cell cars, switch tens of thousands of homes to solar power, and be changing the world for the better...

But why let sense get in the way of blind addiction? Why let reality get in the way of anachronistic corporate greed? Why let wisdom get in the way of infernal stupidity? So why not let the grubbymint of Enzed carry on selling drilling licences to shell-shocked madmen?

After all, the consequence will only be a few million deaths caused by climate-change and pollution. Or, if they are really lucky, a few billion. What a bite-'em line that will be!