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Thursday, 11 July 2013


'Corruption and bribery are perceived to be getting worse in many countries, and trust in governments is falling worldwide, according to a survey by the group Transparency International.'

''The Global Corruption Barometer 2013 paints a bleak picture. One in every four people paid a bribe in the last 12 months when accessing public institutions and services, according to Transparency International's report.'

New Zealand, along with most other countries, is perceived by the majority of its citizens as being more corrupt than it was.

Shall we act surprised? We have the most corrupt Parliament in New Zealand's history, we have officials being prosecuted for criminal and losing standards-accreditation, we have a steady stream of 'businessmen' (read crooks) being found guilty of fraud and stealing millions, we have cheats and liars, rogues and knaves, thieves, abusers and murderers and  oozing out of the rotten woodwork everywhere we look.