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Thursday, 15 November 2012


Calling equal what is not equal and never can be is not equality. It is corruption. Corruption of language, corruption of truth, corruption of reality.

The literal joining of a man and a woman in marriage--the sexual, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and legal union of a man and a woman--is unique. It is not equal to anything else, it cannot be equal to anything else. To pretend that a partnership of two men or two women is equal to it and to pretend that it is inequality if we do not call it equal defy logic, language, truth and reality.

In marriage 1+1=1. In all other forms of partnership, whatever their basis might be, 1+1=2.

1 is not equal to 2 and never can be. Saying that if we do not pretend that 1=2 is discrimination is stupid, and degrades fundamental values. Whenever we do that, whenever we disregard reality, we pay a price. Corrupting the word marriage for the sake of vociferous minority who can never in truth be married will further corrupt marriage. The more marriage is corrupted the more society is corrupted, and social problems will multiply.

There is no doubt that the corrupters will have their way, because they have played the long game and have stacked the Parliamentary deck. But ''If you sow the wind you reap the whirlwind.' They have the puffery so they will sow the wind. But they will have to answer for the whirlwind that New Zealand will reap.