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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


A silver lining to the black cloud of a terrible disaster is that everyone is very forcibly shaken back to reality, to the fundamentals of life, to what truly matters. Habits of falsehood, evasion, ideology, party-political nonsense and fallacious thinking vanish, suddenly replaced by the simple truth.

Long may it last!

The jarring reality in Christchurch on Tuesday the 22nd contrasts with the heartless follies of the 'Welfare' Working Group, which had only the day before released its disgusting report, which did not have the slightest connection with reality. The very next day thousands were flung out of work, out of normal existence, into circumstances that could not be covered by the trivial handouts proposed by the malicious WWG.

If we were to apply the same corrupt thinking to those caught by the combination of circumstance and the physical earthquake in Christchurch that the WWG is telling us to apply to those caught by the combination of circumstance and the global financial earthquakes, we would be handing the people of Christchurch a dollar or two for a short time then telling them to get lost, get off their chuffs and help themselves.